The Slayers (Evolution-R): Season 5

The Slayers (Evolution-R)

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010
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The predictable FUNimation fair; textless openings and closings plus trailers.

Last season began the adventure 10 years in the making when Lina Inverse and her companion/bodyguard Gourry set sail to tackle pirates after defeating all of the bandits on land. One thing lead to another and Lina found herself under arrest, several times, by a persistent Inspector named Wizer, for the crime of…..being Lina Inverse. Well, really there was more to it then that but in order for Lina to avoid prison time she and her friends must locate a creature who has been causing destruction by using the same spell Lina is known for. In the end new allies were made and old enemies defeated.

The Slayers Evolution-R is slated as the start of season 5 but really is a continuation of the last adventure Lina and her friends set out upon in season 4. Pokota, one of their new allies, is still looking to free his people from their slumber and resurrect his kingdom, Taforashia. The only way to do so is to find the Hellmasters Jar and resurrect Rezo The Red Priest, a saintly figure who may have had a dark side that no one is quite sure of. This story arc reveals a bit more about Rezo and  Zelgadis’ relationship and reveals that Zalgadis may be looking to help find the Hellmasters Jar for reasons of his own. The same goes for the always unpredictable Xellos who maybe more then he appears even if he is still as frustrating to our heroes as usual. There are several plot points from season 4 that come to an end here and the twists are mind bogglingly unexpected, plus you get to meet a few new friends and find out about Gourry's wife and kids. Huh? Now that makes for the seasons stand out episode. Season 5 is everything season 4 was; action packed, hilarious, and extremely detailed, colorful, and bright. The only real change is that the show becomes a tad bit more mature and extremely dark.

My question was, in my season 4 review of The Slayers (Revolution): The Complete Fourth Season , had been if it was intentional that the credits start to roll while the show continued on in the background. The answer to that question seems to be yes as the series here ends the same way, sadly closing out with a sort of visual epilogue that makes it appear as if the adventure that fans have waited for so long to see and newcomers who have fallen in love with the series are watching, what can only be seen as, good-bye. Speculation on my part considering the paths out heroes take in these final few minutes of Season 5 but hopefully there’s more Slayers to come in the future. My recommendation is to grab Seasons 4-5 and give them a go. No doubt if anime is your thing you’ll get caught up in this excellent adventure. Enjoy.

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