The Superhero Squad Show

The Superhero Squad Show

On DVD: 
Tuesday, July 13, 2010
Running Time: 
300 minutes
Special Features

Interview with Stan Lee, music video, game preview, and more.

The Superhero Squad Show stars Captain America, Thor, Wolverine, Iron Man, Hulk, Silver Surfer, and many more of the Marvel Comics heroes as they fight all sorts of super villains in hopes to stop Dr. Doom. As they form the Superhero Squad the heroes must fight against Dr. Doom to stop him from getting all the pieces of the infinity sword. With the sword he will be able to take over the Super Hero City (yeah not much on creativity on the name front).
This is a different style of cartoon for the Marvel Comics line up. Mainly because the characters are all drawn as if they are small, yet they are still adults. It’s easily seen that this is aimed for the younger viewers rather than the adults. The characters are somewhat childish, the jokes in the episodes are also somewhat childish, and the way the characters behave are childish. A good example of such is in the pilot episode when the heroes must fight the Mole Man and his monsters that have came up from under the ground. While fighting them, the Mole Man burbs and farts, and does so throughout the whole episode. For a kid this is really funny, as an adult I didn’t find it quite as funny.
What I did find impressive about the show is the artwork. The characters are drawn just as they would appear in the comics, only they are in motion. Better yet, being a comic fan that I am I was able to spot the easter eggs that’s been thrown into the shows. Like in one episode where the Hulk becomes smart, he ends up reading a book that is wrote by Amadeus Cho, who is the 7th smartest person in the Marvel Universe and is best friends with Hercules. There are all kinds of characters from the Marvel Universe in these shows that make it fun to watch.
Though what surprised me most about the show was the voices of some of the characters. Celebrities such as Robert Englund, James Marsters, Stan Lee, Adrian Pasdar, Lena Headey, Greg Grunberg, and Tricia Helfer all are on the show. Even with the childish themes and jokes in the Superhero Squad Show, it’s fun to watch. This is one of the better cartoons that have been made from the Marvel lineup because it’s so simple and easy to watch. Both kids and adults can sit back to watch this without having to worry about if they missed an episode or two and will get a good laugh out of the show. The only thing that I didn’t like about the show was the opening theme. It ran a little too long for my taste and is a little too corny as well but for kids I would bet they love it. However, the best part of this show was seeing all the different characters and getting the good old Hulk smash line and him going around smashing.

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