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Tuesday, October 2, 2012
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In Upstairs, Downstairs Thomas and Sarah were married but in the spin-off they aren't. At the end of Upstairs, Downstairs Sarah is seen mourning by a grave. Many believed it to be Thomas while others believed it to be her former employer Richard De Brassey. Both men are still alive in the spin off.

When Upstairs, Downstairs (a popular British drama) ended in 1975, fans were left watching Pauline Collins; Shirley Valentine (Sarah) mourning over a grave. Many assumed, at first, that it was her long time love interest Thomas (John Alderton; Fireman Sam, He Knew He Was Right), and others thought (more like hoped) that it was Sarah’s employer Richard De Brassey. In any case, the well loved on screen couple of Thomas and Sarah (Alderton and Collins were married off screen) remained strong enough after the end of Upstairs, Downstairs to give the pair (the only characters from the show to do so) their own spin off. The show was strong enough to commission a second season which was unfortunately never finished due to a strike.

It’s not hard to see why the couple were so adored by fans. The combination of excellent acting and the added chemistry between a real life couple made for great TV memories. It’s just two people in love, neither willing to be the first to come forward and commit, living and loving in their ever changing scenario’s that always involve a get rich quick scheme. If it’s not the duo trying to make it rich with an age old Chinese magic trick they sold everything for it’s coming into work at a boys home and inadvertently causing a rebellion. My favorite, an episode where Thomas and Sarah create a match making service in the home Thomas is meant to be sitting for, find themselves in the presence of money hand over fist. Will they make it this time? Or better yet, will they finally settle down and marry one another.

Though the writing is excellent the real element that keeps the show together like glue is the chemistry between Alderton and Collins. Alderton has the unfortunate luck to remind you of a young Sean Connery for most of the show and Collins is absolutely genius in her role as Sarah, the common tongued charmer who can’t help falling for Thomas time and time again. As I said, the couple married in 1969 and starred alongside one another in Upstairs, Downstairs straight into their spin off so they have the all natural feel of a couple powering their performances and all the familiarities to make every kiss, touch, and glare look and feel 100% genuine. Die hard romantic and lovers of great British dramas will love this series. It’s sweet enough for the romantics and wily and tough enough for everyone else who might be married to a romantic but doesn’t want to sit through the mushy stuff. Well worth the purchase price. Enjoy.

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