Tin Scribble: Unlive from a Dead City

Unlive from a Dead City

(Tin Scribble)
Release Date: 
Tuesday, June 7, 2011

From the cover of the album and the bands name alone it was hard to make out just who or what Tin Scribble was. With a lack of time to do any real research before I started listening to their newest release, Unlive From A Dead City, I assumed Tin Scribble would be a hip hop group or at most a G. Love and Special Sauce type band. How I came to these conclusions? It was a rushed and rough estimate.

As the album starts up a one minute and forty second piano intro comes on and I assume that what will follow is an album of likewise piano tunes and that Tin Scribble is a jazz band. The following track is a twisty guitar intro with drums and finally Michael Allen Moore’s odd sounding vocals which range between a Michael Stipe meets Les Claypool meets Getty Lee mash up. Oh, ok. Progressive rock. So I continue listening as I drive through town on an errand. To be honest, first time around I wasn’t that into it. Then day 2 I listen again and begin to take in the complexity of the bands unified movement within the albums music. Lots of off drum strikes, a space rock like guitar feel in the background layered with even more space rock like keyboard and capable bass.

My final listen has me in full realization about the bands capabilities as I listen through once, then again, realizing that each time I listen to it I uncover some new layer hidden within the album. While I might never get used to Michael Allen Moore’s vocal delivery I get it and I envision myself days, weeks, months down the line listening to this album still and enjoying it for its high energy thematic delivery as well as its low key musical interludes scattered throughout. If anything Tin Scribble handles their instruments with master precision offering quite possibly the best album they can possibly create. Seeing as how they consider this kind of an album between albums (yeah I did a bit of research later) it has me very curious about their previous album Children of Saturn and anxious to see what comes next.

Anyone whose ever dabbled with progressive rock should enjoy this album very much. Its got a lot of styles thrown into the mix from Spanish guitar to Jazz, Space Rock, and an almost operatic feel to Moore’s lead vocals. I just hear so many influences in his vocal delivery that its really hard to put your finger on what it is and in the end you really just have to take it for what it is. Still, aside from the above mentioned names at the beginning of this review other names that come to mind are David Bowie and Freddy Mercury. All of the above are pretty fantastic and you just have to work Moore’s vocal work here into familiarity among the rest of the album. For me, I’m pretty sure I’ll get there, it might or might not be instantaneous for the rest of the world. As always final judgment is yours. Enjoy.

AJ Garcia
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