In Theatres: 
Jul 03, 2007
Running Time: 
2 Hours, 23 Minutes

I think when I look at how disappointed I was with The Transformers film I have to look at direction. Michael Bay is just awful. I mean the guy gets a gigantic budget and makes the same movie over and over again. There is always a military presence there, always big explosions, always incredibly sporadic camera movement that makes The Blair Witch look tame, always some objectification of women. The list can go on and on but why bother? Once you’ve seen one Michael Bay film you’ve basically seen them all.

Script. Take the lowest key concepts in all very dumb films and throw them together. An extremely intelligent computer genius living off of a family member and behaving like a child, constant bombardment of over used and mostly out dated pop phrases, and an over abundance of extremely juvenile wordplay and acts. Words like masturbation and acts like urinating or simulating the act. The feel of the film just did not mesh well with the immature comedy aspect IMO. The script would have been great if everything hadn’t turned into a joke. It was like the film didn’t know if it was trying to be family friendly with dumb humor or raunchy with non-family friendly dialogue. I personally would have liked to have seen the comedy delivered like it was in the new Die Hard. It was there but it never got in the way of the action or the story. In any case I really felt the story suffered because of it.

The CGI. The CGI was amazing. It was very believable that the robots were part of the scenery and character interaction with them was excellent. There was never a moment in the film that I felt someone got a little too crazy with the effects. There were of course some problems with them as well. My number one quirk was with that stupid little robot. The thing brought up regressed memories of how much I hated Jar Jar Binks. The film could have definitely done without that thing. I also really hated Megatron’s voice and dialogue. The dialogue matched with the voice was horrible and just made Megatron seem like some big dumb thing. Hell, overall the quality of the dialogue was poor in most cases.

I don’t want to say that I hated this film because deep down there were some moments of pure enjoyment but the direction just trailed off. The Transformers film needed to be its own thing and Michael Bay just did not deliver on all angles of the film. Like his last film, The Island, I loved the sci-fi feel and the story but as it is written in Michael Bay’s Play book, "Everything must go boom". Sadly that is exactly what happened here with this film.

AJ Garcia
Review by AJ Garcia
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