Two Lovers

Two Lovers

In Theatres: 
Feb 13, 2009
Running Time: 
1 Hour, 40 Minutes

I wanted to be able to write a review in which I absolutely decimate Joaquin but I’ve been denied! I haven’t liked one single solitary role he has played. I guess I need to eat crow on this one. He did good (damn him).

This is an adorable love story about sweet bumbling bipolar Leonard (Joaquin Phoenix) who, after losing his fiancé, attempting suicide and moving back in with his parents, then falls in love with two women. First to arrive in his life is stable responsible Sandra (Vinessa Shaw), daughter of a successful dry cleaning businessman, brought together by their parents in a cute little matchmaking arrangement.  Then, out of the blue, arrives the drug addicted reckless beautiful mistress of a NY lawyer, Michelle (Gwyneth Paltrow), sending poor Leonard into a heartsick frenzy. There’s a moment in everyone’s life when they have to make a decision. Leonard has to pick between taking on the family business and settling down with Sandra or follow his heart and taking off on a wild adventure with Michelle.

Fantastic character development! All of these rich characters are back dropped by gorgeous shots of Brooklyn. The entire film is shot in a smooth documentary style that is just slightly softened on the edges to make it feel like you are dreaming. But the subject matter is made all too real, awkward and at times heartbreakingly uncomfortable. Every cast member delivered a fantastic performance. I walked away caring about every single one of them.

Not sure if this is going to be for everyone. Due to the filming style some folks might get bored. It’s a tad bit on the artsy side. But just when I thought I was going to get bored I was sucked back in and wanting more.

This is absolutely a must see for anyone that loves good character development or a heart wrenching love story.

Review by Sheree Cobernus