Waist Deep

Waist Deep

On DVD: 
Tuesday, October 10, 2006
Running Time: 
97 Minutes

O2 (Tyrese) picks his child up from school only to have his car-jacked on the way home with his son still in it.  Now he is on a war path to find his son before it is too late. With the help of Coco, the girl that served as the distraction for the jacking O2 finds out that someone from his past has his son and he has only a day to come up with a large sum of money to have Junior returned to him.

I hard horrible things about this movie before I ever saw it so I went in expecting something that I would not even be able to finish watching. Instead what I got was a fast paced action film. Seriously within 8 minutes Junior is taken and several people are shot. The story moved pretty fast and sacrificed character building for it; but for me I was not watching this movie for the back-stories. Was the story believable? Hell no, but there is rarely an action film out there that is. For me it had everything I look for in one of these kinds of movies: car chases, guns, violence, severed limbs, bank robberies, cash, hot girls, killing, and a villain. There was also well placed humor to help lighten up the dark nature of the movie mainly coming from Coco. The bonus features aren’t numerous; but they are decent. There are several deleted scenes which have the cop side of the movie starring the Mummy guy, analysis of a scene, drive-by filmmaking, the “Bad Girl” video by Black Buddafly, and two outtakes that are funny. The first outtake is just the extended/alternate takes of the bank scene between Coco and the manger, and the other is mess up by Tyrese in the gas station. Waist Deep may be your typical “Give me back my baby” movie and the ending may be guessed long before it happens; but for an action movie give it a break. It is not meant to be deep, realistic, or life changing; it is meant to kill some time with explosions and violence while giving some laughs. Do you think Terminator 2 was realistic or how about Die Hard?

Review by BT Wood