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Tuesday, May 1, 2012
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119 minutes
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James Fox (King George V) and Laurence Fox (Prince Albert / King George VI) are father and son in real life. The former's elder brother Edward Fox had previously played King Edward VIII / the Duke of Windsor, the eldest son of King George V, in Edward & Mrs. Simpson. ~ IMDB

W./E. is the story of two women, decades apart, but seemingly living under similar circumstances when it comes to their love lives. Both stories are relatively charming but tend to become cliché at times, but never boring. I can’t say that the film really wowed me as far as execution is concerned as it took forever to bring the two parallel stories into context with one another in a prestige moment, but for what it is you can give or take from either storyline and still come out rather entertained by the films end.

The film is undecided for the most part when it comes to picture quality. At times it is a solid picture with fine detail but lacking in a real vibrant color spectrum, and at other times a cold gray world lacking much to be wowed by but definition. As I first began to watch the film I thought that quite possibly this was a contrast issue and that the more faded gray of the picture was to indicate that we were in the past but as the film progressed even the past tale began to show signs of improvement, leaving me a bit confused. There was one scene in the present were we get a wide view of a park crossroads and it looked so horrible, but then when it focused in on Abbie Cornish it was fine. Could this have something to do with Madonna getting her footing as she experiments with this, her second film, or is it simply a lack of know how? Ether way you get a very unbalanced picture that goes from vivid to flat from scene to scene. Audio manages to remain solid offering up crisp dialogue and a clear path for the ambient elements to do their thing.

There is only one bonus feature on the disc, not counting the DVD and Digital versions that come with the film, and that is The Making of W./E. featuring Madonna.

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