William & Mary: Complete Collection

William & Mary: Complete Collection

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Tuesday, March 25, 2014
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Cast Interview (40 minutes)

What I loved about William & Mary is that it’s an unusual love story. Both of the characters are single parents with two kids. Both of them are very involved in their jobs. Even before they meet Martin Clunes (Doc Martin) envelops you within the chemistry of the characters even before their relationship has begun. Sure, Julie Graham’s (Survivors) Mary is a bit hard to like, but the beauty of the show is that even the short comings of both characters are fleshed out and allow you to understand even when either or both of them enter tougher ground. 
William is an Undertaker and Mary is a Mid-Wife. One of them ushers them in and the other ushers them out, or so one of the slogans goes. Meanwhile William is widowed while Mary is divorced. Both find themselves in the hands of a dating agency where they come together, not even under the best of circumstances. 
The set comes with all 3 seasons of the show which is absolutely fantastic because once you get sucked into the lives of this very human couple, you’ll want to see it through to the very end. Will they end up together? Will they get married? Will the family mesh well? What about Mary’s Ex-Husband? 
There are so many facets of life that the show exploits throughout the series that by the end of the show you feel as if you know this amazing couple. It does get a bit weird sometimes, the kids, but a absolutely charming series that is absolutely well worth the purchase price. I highly suggest.   
AJ Garcia
Review by AJ Garcia
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