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Life E.P.

Parental Advisory: 

AFTER was originally conceived by Jose Frietas in the halls of the Los Angeles Music Academy; shortly after moving the fledgling project out to Orange County, they were signed to Skullr Records, and released their first demo and subsequent self-titled album.

A tumultuous couple of years followed as the band underwent numerous lineup changes, but in 2012 they finally started to regain some traction: they hooked up with their manager Don Hamister, released their second album, and pulled off a successful DIY tour.

2013 proved to be the band’s breakout year; they solidified their line-up with Matthew Denis on bass and Mike Robbins on drums and quickly garnered a reputation for awe-inspiring live performances, with standing room only shows at The Viper Room, The Troubadour, and The House of Blues.

After crafting some of their most dynamic and musical material to date, they entered the studio with producers Steffan Osterlind and Evan Rodaniche to record their newest release, the appropriately titled ‘Life'.

The year is now 2014, and AFTER is here.