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Enter now to win a huge prize pack from America's new favorite reality family, the Gotti's! Win a video game pack, hair gel, shirts, tattoos, CDs and more!
Ben Kweller
Having threatened to enter into retirement after 2000's bleak goodbye letter, Bloodflowers, weathered British goth idols the Cure turned around only to discover their sound being commandeered...
A dysfunctional family of famous superheroes, led by the retired and overweight Mr. Incredible is placed in a quiet suburb by the Witness Protection Program in order to protect them from their archnemesis...
Floggin Molly
Win a skatedeck, signed poster and a copy of Flogging Molly's new CD Within a Mile From Home only on Shakefire.com...
This is the Terminator Universe like you've never experienced it. Skynet machines run rampant across L.A. roads and freeways, hunting down humanity. Your mission: destroy them and salvage mankind...
Murder City Devils
Enter to win the new documentary DVD Rock & Roll Won't Wait from underground legends Murder City Devils...
Less than a year after the terrorist attacks of September 11, a journalist/filmmaker and his crew snuck into Afghanistan to do a story on the bounty hunters tracking Osama Bin Laden...
Weezer Expanded
Win an autographed copy of the new Weezer Special Edition 2-disc set of their classic self-titled album, commonly referred to sa The Blue Album...
Home On The Range
A young widow (Sara Jessica Parker) and mother is in danger of watching her farm be foreclosed unless she can come up with $1,000 for the mortgage...
Jewel Live DVD
Live at Humphrey's by the Bay is Jewel's first concert disc, and it's a solid success, a blend of signature material and hints of forward progress...
Faithful by Davitt Sigerson
Sigerson, a former record executive, whips up sexual tensions, extramarital affairs and even extra-affair affairs in his racy debut...
Rage Against the Machine
It was not known at the time that these would be their final shows, but they played them like they were. Perfection rears it's beautiful head on Rage's new live set. Win their complete catalog...
The Rundown
Professional wrestling star the Rock, who was such a lump of flesh in The Scorpion King, proves surprisingly light on his feet in The Rundown, demonstrating charm and humor as well as the requisite toughness...
The Punisher
Frank Castle (Thomas Jane) is an FBI agent on his last case before retirement. A few things go wrong but Frank walks away alive. He now has his life with his family and a trip to a tropical island to relax...
Carly Simon Live DVD
Considering that Carly Simon likes being on stage about as much as the rest of us like being audited by the IRS, the very existence of this one-hour concert is amazing...
The Alamo
In a small Texas town in the spring of 1836, roughly 200 men lost their lives defending a small mission building, the Alamo, from several thousand Mexican soldiers under the command of General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna...