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(Skinny Puppy)
Release Date: 
Tuesday, May 28, 2013
Parental Advisory: 

In nearly three decades, Skinny Puppy has established itself as a groundbreaking, innovative voice in the world of electronic music. The band is always fearless in both its musical experimentation and voicing a stance on the issues of our times, and the new album Weapon is no exception.

This stunning new album stands as a commentary on that which it is named after, or more specifically, to the concurrent glorification of the gun culture and simultaneous horror at the devastation the gun can cause. Given this view, the pop undertones of the album s opening wornin and the compelling counterpoint of the vocals and lyrics seem to reflect our mass media homogenization of an instrument of death into an entertainment centerpiece. illisiT focuses on the authoritarian control applied to us under the guise of protecting us from the criminal element. Perhaps the classic Skinny Puppy sounds evident in the song solvent are a nod to not only the past, but to a bleak Orwellian future. Are we facing a 1984 dystopia filtered through a Kafkaesque lens? A world where the illusion of power given to the private citizen afforded ownership of a weapon distracts them from the Big Brother drones that watch overhead?