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Hey there everyone:

We are going to start exploring the wonderful world of "good" TV on Television and offer a few insights on what is out there and what is worth your time and not worth watching!  There are a lot of great shows out there and below will be a few I will be following over the next few weeks and beyond.  Feel free to offer your advice and thoughts on what is going on with TV and what you would like to see as a show.

The Cape:
Another attempt into the Super Hero genre for TV.  This looks like a very promising addition to the TV lineup.  It offers great special effects and some talent that has great roots in the Sci-Fi and Super Hero genre (the ever delicious Summer Glau). 

No Ordinary Family
Starring another two favorites of mine Michael Chiklis and Julie Benz.  It follows their family as they develop Super Powers after a plane crash and how they deal with their powers on a daily basis.  This series has a lot of promise and hopefully they will keep up the great special effects and funny little banter between the characters.  I am really surprised to see the "Pastor" from 7th Heaven as a villain.  

The Biggest Loser
This has always been a great favorite of mine and so far this season has had its twists already with the two new trainers and the offer of four weeks of immunity.  My only wish so far is they would show more of the "Unknowns" during a few episodes.  Hopefully they will feature them more after the 4 weeks of immunity are up.

These are a few shows I am following and would love to hear from you on what you guys would like to learn about on like to see on TV.  I know that I am hoping for new ideas other than washed up shows that have had their time and need to go away (cough Bachelor).  I mean especially if you use the same guy over again you know it is destined to be true love the second time, right???

Well that is it for now.  Feel free to hit me up on Twitter at @TVTuesdays


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