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Marvel Zombies

With it being just days away from Halloween plus me needing to write a blog since I haven't done it in awhile I will do one on the Marvel Comics series Marvel Zombies.

It all started with The Sentry coming to universe 2149. He infects the Avengers and from that point on the whole world of 2149 becomes zombies. With the zombie superheroes needing food they somehow eat Galactus and get the power cosmic.

Well, in another series, Marvel Zombies 2 they fight a few left over humans and somehow get sent to somewhere else. At this point no one knows where (except Marvel).

That then led to the series Marvel Zombies 3 where Machine Man and Jocasta (also a machine but just a woman and very shiny) get sent to the zombie world to fight them and hopefully find a cure. While on Earth 616 (main world for the Marvel titles). Which really sucks for them now cause with the way the virus works it won't take long for it to spread.

(I like this cover, it's like a Evil Dead shot)

Now we get to Marvel Zombies 4 where they are still on Earth 616 but now there is zombie head Deadpool being carried around by the zombie Simon Garth. Employed by ARMOR, the Midnight Sons (Morbius, Werewolf by Night, Daimon Hellstrom(son of satan), and Jennifer Kale) are sent to find this zombie head Deadpool and Simon to get rid of them. In the process the virus becomes worse. By the end zombie head Deadpool has floated off and is now actually in mainstream title of Deadpool.

Which now kind of leads into Marvel Zombies Return, which is a 5 issue series that brings back the original zombie superheroes. The first centers around Spider-Man and then Iron Man, Wolverine, Hulk, and finishes with the Avengers. In it they show what the first zombies have been up to and by the end of it they made it confusing.

I love zombies, I love comics, put the two together and it's a hit but I still have questions. At first when the titles first came out I kept wondering how Wolverine and Hulk could be infected. With their healing factors they should have been able to fight off the virus but they didn't. Well the answer to Wolveine was given in Marvel Zombies Return 3 but I still don't like it. I still don't know how Hulk could get infected or the others such as Thor who is a god and what about Luke Cage who has unbreakable skin (if his skin can't be stabbed with a sword or shot with bullets then how would a bite do it?). What about Silver Surfer? The man that can travel in deep space with no protection, one that can handle the cold, the pressure, no air, the heat from suns close up, being hit at speeds faster than light by debris in space, but yet a bite from a zombie can penitrate his skin? Don't get it.

But regardless, the comics are really good, they are really disgusting and the gore is everywhere(another thing I don't get is how they can show people being ate in graphic ways and yet still can't cuss, odd). Though with the ending of Marvel Zombies 5, are they putting in a time loop? It sure looked that way. I thought it was really cool though who ended up being the ones to beat the zombies though.

On a last note I'm wondering how this is going to play out in the main titles. Will zombie head Deadpool end up infecting more people, in which case the zombies will take over the main Earth in the comics? I'm hoping that they don't just end it with some easy out where one of the smartest heroes makes a cure and poof everyone is cured. But here's to the next titles of Marvel Zombies and happy halloween people.




How the hell do they get infected wolverine should have been a hero how the f*** did the thing get infected he's fucking rock

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