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By Lee Roberts

Early Reminder of Free Comic Book Day Steve Rogers To Do List and Concept Art for Age of Ultron

Here's an early reminder for everyone, Free Comic Book Day is going to be here shortly. It's just about 6 weeks away, that's not that long really (man time flies). So what day is it this year?

May 3, 2014.

If you don't know abuot it, FCBD is the one day out of the year that publishers release certain titles, some new some reprints, just for this one day and they are all free. It happens on the first Saturday in the month of May each year. Usually there is a comic based movie that has been release the day before, this year it's The Amazing Spider-Man 2 that will be coming out on May 2. There are comics for all ages, from kids to adults, and they are free. Comic shops will be holding this event, not all of them so check out the list of what shop are and maybe you can talk to your shop owner if they aren't doing it to do it.

Here's a few titles that I'm looking forward to that should be the hard ones to get for 2014.

DC The New 52 Futures End


Guardians of the Galaxy







Here's the link to the website for Free Comic Book Day, check it out, and check out your local shops.


Even more free stuff for you (well maybe). This past Wednesday was the release of Iron man #23.NOW that starts a new story line called Rings of the Mandarin. With this release and certain comic shops, there was a give away when you bought this comic. A free Iron Man mask (I don't know what it looks like cause I did not get one), a free digital copy of the comic, as well as free digital copy of Iron Man #1-5 of the new series (that I paid for and is good). Maybe if you are lucky you can still get to you shop in time and they might have some left, maybe.

Avengers: Age of Ultron just got a little bit more real and closer to movie screens. Here are some concept art shots from what was aired on ABC called Marvel studios: Assembling a Universe and it shows us some cool ideas from the Scarlet Witch to Hulk. But just remember these are concept artwork so what they show might not be what actually happens or gets used.

Hulk Buster vs Hulk (this I want to see)

Quick Silver

Tony Stark Being Tony Stark

Scarlet Witch



There's a new still image that is making it's rounds on the net and it's one that I like a lot. Look at it first.


That's supposed to be the to-do list of Steve Rogers, a.k.a. Captain America. What's cool about this is if you're thinking the striked out Star Wars means he has already watched it (like I'm taking it), then that means Captain America went with watching Star Wars first. Now I'm just being a fanboy here and going with that it's cool that the hero that represents all heros and America picked Star Wars to watch first over Star Trek. Then again this could be that with Marvel being owned by Disney and now Star Wars owned by Disney, this was their way of putting a little influence to get more people interested in the upcoming Star Wars movies. Why they would think they needed to do that when that's like saying people aren't interested in breathing, eating, and having vacations from their jobs.

Oh speaking of Jobs, yes Steve Jobs is on the list as well but considering that Steve Rogers is "friends" with Tony Stark wouldn't the Steve Jobs be kind of a step down? I know he's a genius in our world that did change the world, but in the world where men fly, women can lift tanks, and green goliaths rampage through the city, Tony Stark makes Steve Jobs look like the guy who said hey lets put hot sauce on the chicken wings.  

And the band Nirvana? Really? Out of all the great bands that could be put on the list, Nirvana gets on it? Don't get me wrong, I like the band, but if I where to give a recommendation to someone that was from the past and has missed the last 50 years, it wouldn't be Nirvana. The Beatles, the Doors, Ray Charles, James Brown, Otis Redding, Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, or Elvis to just name a few that are far better than Nirvana. Still, that's a cool thing to have put in the movie.