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'Star Wars' Blu-ray package features never-before-seen footage

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Star Wars fans are now able to get a more intimate look into the six-movie franchise with the upcoming Blu-Ray package due out in September. The complete Star Wars Blu-Ray package will include all six films as well as deleted scenes, unseen extras, and re-mastered footage from the original three movies. That’s right! You’ll be able to go back to the glory days and relive life pre-CGI. Fans at this year’s Comic-Con were the first to catch a glimpse at what’s to come in this much-anticipated package. You can take a look at the footage for yourself here. There’s no word as to whether or not this new footage will be featured in the upcoming 3D releases in 2012, but it could be a possibility. How do you feel about this new announcement? Will the deleted scenes spark an interest in Star Wars fans, or should director George Lucas have left the franchise alone?