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Legend: The Interview

The metalcore community is based on integrity and passion, so it's no surprise that Detroit's Legend has built a loyal fan base that feels more like a family. They've done it the old fashioned way, hitting the pavement, and bringing their live experience coast to coast over and over again. With their sophomore release, The Pale Horse, Legend pushes the boundaries blending hardcore and metal. Most bands don't have the backbone needed to exhibit what real heavy music is all about, but Legend has no qualms calling themselves just what they are sure to become: Legends.

SHAKEFIRE: Michigan has probably been hit hardest by the economic downturn. Have you seen that effect at all in your line of work?
CHAD RUHLIG: There was a metal band in the early 80s called 'Legend', is that just a coincidence? Haha mos def a coincidence. They have good taste in names though ;)
SF: Do you think it is more difficult to get far in the metal genre than it is in others?
CR: For sure. there are so many bands that have similar sounds that are just fighting to get ahead. Its really hard to be something ground breaking these days. We just do what we love in hopes we will get back what we put in.
SF: Who do you feel are the most influential artists in the metal community?
CR: I wouldnt even know where to begin haha. Bands like Slipknot, Mudvayne, and Sevendust are all big influences for us.
SF: You have a very loyal fanbase. Do you keep them in mind when you move forward with anything involving the band or do you feel that they will stay on the ride with you wherever you choose to go?
CR: We like to keep our fans involved, We ask very often what they think, what they like and so on. We of course do what we want to do and whats best for the band. But the fans and their opinions in mind.
SF: A lot of metal artists tend to get a little lighter on the heavy part of their music as they grow older. Do you feel that this will happen with 'Legend'?
CR: Noway! We started this band as an in your face heavy band and thats just how we will stay.
SF: What do you feel is the biggest false stereotype of metal music?
CR: That we all party hard and dont give a fuck about our fans. The whole rock star thing is wayyy off. We wouldnt be doing this without the fans, and we are all really chill dudes. Were not crazy party animals or anything haha.
SF: Legend seems to be very interactive with their fans through various social networking channels.  Do you feel this has become a necessary tool in the music industry?
CR: I think its very important but we dont do it because its gonna help the band get bigger or that we HAVE to do it. we do it because we want to. We want the fans to be involved. We want people to connect with what were doing. Without that what fun would this be?
SF: Rise Records released only one new album each Tuesday in the month of May, including your 'The Pale Horse', what do you feel are the benefits of being on a smaller indie label as opposed to a larger one?
CR: we have a great relationship with our label. Its not 100 people working for Rise. Just a handful of people who care about their bands and with it not being a massive label we get the attention we need.
SF: Which band do you get along with the best on Rise Records?
CR: So many friend's bands on Rise! For the fallen Dreams, The Plot in You, Miss May I, Attack Attack, Like Moths to Flames. Its awesome being apart of this label with our friends.
SF: What would be your dream tour to support 'The Pale Horse'?
CR: Mudvayne, Ozzy, and Soulfly ;)

Interview by Kara Johnson