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By Lee Roberts

Marvel Teases and DC Don't Ship

If you read my blogs then you know how much I despise the way that Marvel has went with Spider-Man. A friend, and many others love it, I on the other hand hate it. This is not Spider-Man! But I'm not wanting to talk about my hatred for this course that was taken with my favorite character. What I want to talk about is that Marvel Comics is doing what they do best when it comes to teasers. With New York Comic Con approaching, these teasers have been put out. Here are some they have put out.

And the one I hope really means the end to this junk that's trash of Superior Spider-Man.

No this is not as big a deal as I can make it out to be but yes I am not happy with not getting a comic. For all of September, DC Comics has been doing the villains month where each of the titles features a villain. For each title there where 2 versions, the 2D and the 3D, and if you are a collector then you know that the 3D version is the one to get.
Those 3D covers have been having a few shipping problems. Some are getting shipped the amount that was supposed to be shipped but there are some that did not. Stores around the country did not get the orders they put in and the customers (ME) did not get the ones they wanted and ORDERED. For the many years that I've bought comics I know what it was like before the Previews order form. In my younger years I would just go every week, once a week, on random days, to see if the new comics where in. Then they moved the days to Wednesdays, and I was going in every Wednesday to get my comics but depending on the comic and the time I went in I might have missed one or more. Then I was told about Previews where if I just placed my order in the book then my titles came in and no worries about missing one.

Funny how that works when I've actually missed more than one.
In this instance it was with the issue of The Dark Knight 23.4 Joker's Daughter. I placed my order for the 3D cover 2 months ago with Previews. So when I went in to a comic shop on Wednesday during my lunch break (not my main shop where I get my titles on Thursday) I was shocked to see the title that just came out that day with a price tag of $50. Why I ask. Because they didn't ship out the amount that they where supposed to and the shops where shorted, so the few that the stores got are now going for a lot more.

So here's my thing about this. I'm wondering who is to blame for this? I know who is screwed over, gets the short end, and pretty much has to pay for it, me and the other collectors. But who is to blame for this? Out of all the villains they used for this marketing scheme, the character who is the “daughter” of the Joker, the most famous of villains is under shipped? Now I was told by the different shops that it was not their fault, they got was given to them, and I'm sure the shipping company would say the same, but who really is at fault?
Was this a mistake that no one bothered to check to see if enough was printed and shipped? Or was it what I think it was, a way to make a title that was known to be one that would be sought after limited to even a fewer amount driving the prices up?
Actually, right now I just don't care who is to blame because I know everyone will point the figure elsewhere. Here's now my point. What's the point in the order for that I put in with Previews? Sure I have a better chance of getting them but if I also know that by placing the order I also won't get one then what's the point in me taking the time to search through that order form to fill it out? Is it better that I missed a title cause I didn't get to the shop on time or that I missed it because it wasn't shipped out even though I was expecting to get it that day but now for me to get it instead of paying the $2.99, $3.99, or $4.99 I will have to pay anywhere from $7-$200 for it?
Seems to me like I was penalized for having someone else's mistake where I will have to spend 10 to 17 times the amount I would have paid if it was shipped like it should have been. Yeah, that's so much better.