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Babar: The Movie

On DVD: 
Tuesday, February 12, 2013
Running Time: 
80 minutes
Based on TV Show: 

It's Victory Parade day for Elephantland where everyone comes out to enjoy the days festivities. When the parade is over and the day has ended, King Babar's children ask their father why the parade is called the Victory Parade. Putting his children to bed, King Babar tells them the story of how the parade got it's name. His story begins when he was just a young and new kning of Elephantland, a time when he was just learning the rules of his position. As his royal advisors informed him about the rules to picking a new name for the parade the young girl Celeste comes running into the throne room needing help from the new king. It seems the Rataxes has attacked her home and the evil rhinos where running amuck. But with the rules and the long delays that it would take to send an army to help the town, King Babar decides to sneak off to help Celeste without the aid of an army.