Boardwalk Empire: Season 2 (PREVIEW)

Boardwalk Empire

Based off of

The actual person of Enoch Thompson and the book by Nelson Johnson Boardwalk Empire: The Birth, High Times, and Corruption of Atlantic City

Based off a book that’s based on Enoch "Nucky" Thompson (played by Steve Buscemi) who was a criminal kingpin during the prohibition period. Each episode focuses on how Enoch Thompson has his hands in nearly everything that goes down in Atlantic City from political endevors to bootlegging. While he tries to keep everything under control, Enoch Thompson starts to find out that he might not be able to control everything. The Federal Government has taken notice of what’s gong on in Atlantic City as well as noticing how Enoch Thompson has been living such a rich lifestyle while only making a minimal wage as a County Treasurer.


If you’re tired of so called reality shows about singing or dancing, shows that have no substance or a plot line that goes nowhere, and shows that seem to make it off of shock value and nudity, then you need to be watching HBO’s Boardwalk Empire. This show has Martin Scorsese attached to it as Producer making it hard for it to not be good. I thought that with missing the whole of season 1 that I wouldn’t understand what’s going on here in season 2 but I was able to follow the story from the start. It’s got a simple enough plot of following the exploits of a man who has control of Atlantic City from the criminal side to the potilitcal side. Along with following the illegal activities going on in Atlantic City, there’s also the race issue that stirs up a lot of emotions.

Boardwalk Empire has been well made with the plots that are easy to follow but have a lot going on in them, the characters are interesting, and visuals that are stunning. Steve Buscemi surprised me with how well he can carry this show as the lead character of Enoch “Nucky” Thompson. He plays the role as both criminal and politician so well that he actually seems like he is the character. Though he’s not the only one that does a good acting performance, I didn’t notice any of the actors that I didn’t like on the show.
However, though the acting is good on Boardwalk Empire, what impressed me the most was the sets and cinematography of the show. From the wardrobe to the cars and the city, this show looks like it was taken right out of the 1920’s and 30’s. There has been a lot of effort and money put in to making this show look so historically accurate. Everything looks realistic on this show, the phones, the jackets, the boardwalk stores, and even the curtains seem to be from the time period. With such detail for even the small things, this show becomes so much more than a show, it seems to be a story that has a point to make about a historical figure and what happened in Atlantic City during the prohibition period.

Though, as well as the props and sets are on the show it looks even better with the cinematography being used. There are some really good camera angles being used on this show that is able to catch the emotions of the scene. So much is told with the camera angles in this show to reinforce what is going on during the scene that it’s hard not to get pulled into the moment of what’s going on. Little changes in how the show is filmed like having a lower angle on the character Enoch Thompson gave more weight to that moment in the scene than if the angle had just been at a flat level being pointed straight at him. It’s such angles like this that changes the perspective of the scene that improves on what is going on.

The only thing that I didn’t really like about the show was how a lot of the scenes are dark. Maybe on Blu Ray it would be bright enough to see, but as for just watching it on television without the enhancements of Blu Ray it gets a little too dark at times. I was having trouble making out some of the scenes because of how dark it was and with how much detail has been given this show to look authentic, there shouldn’t be any scene that’s too dark to see. It’s not overly done, but there’s enough of it in there that I took notice of it and didn’t like it. Aside from that, this is an hour long show that was very interesting to watch and proves that there is still good ideas for television shows other than the cheaply made reality shows.

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