Wicked Tuna: Season 4 (PREVIEW)

Wicked Tuna :Season 4

First Blood and Anchor Anger
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Sundays @ 9PM ET
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Sunday, February 15, 2015

“Fishing is a hard life, and harder with bluefin stocks depleted. In Gloucester, Massachusetts, there's a special breed of fishermen. For generations they've used rod and reel to catch the elusive bluefin tuna. They depend on these fish for their livelihood, and the competition is brutal.”
That's the discription that's given on the National Geographic Channel website about this show, one that is probably the best way to explain what the show is about. In my words this how is about a group of fishermen going after the tuna and other fish to make a living. It's a reality show that's set on the waters of Gloucester, Massachusetts where the fishermen compete with each other and with mother nature to scrape out a living for themselves.

So yeah, that's the show, a show about fishing for some tuna. Do I have to state it here, yes I do, it's just another reality show being aired where there's always drama and something that could mean certain doom. I get why people like watching these types of shows, it's just basic want of knowing other peoples business, nothing new when it comes to people, but that don't mean the show is any good. At least not to me it's not. Once again this show is set up like any other reality show, lots of drama, editing that brings the levels up that lead into the breaks, then coming back to give a reminder of what just happened (like I'm going to forget in the few minutes during commerical break), then the show ends setting up the next episode so that we are following along for the season of the show and the fishing season.
Again, I see how people like it, it's a show that requires no thinking at all, it gets the people involved with what's going to happen, and it's topic is one that normal is not seen by the general public. What it also has though are the same elements that I don't like about reality shows. The repeating of the topic that I just saw, I don't need to be retold what I was just told just a few minutes before hand. Having the show just build in drama to really just fall flat the majority of time when I get shown what comes next, and all the useless moments that's used as what I find only as filler video. It's cool seeing the things like them fishing, the fish, and getting to see a job like this that I will never see in my life by no other means, but that don't make for a interesting show to me. Watching two episodes, that was all I needed to fulfill my quota of a need to see fishing for tuna, but for a whole season, I'm already finished with watching it because I have a strong idea that the rest of the episodes will pretty much be the same thing just a different day.

Lee Roberts
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