>> Hurley & Weezer Team Up For Clothing Line

Hurley "Rocks You Back to School" with Weezer is a very special and timely fashion and music collaboration bringing the best of both worlds together for kids across the country.   The collection available exclusively at select PacSun stores starting September 10, 2010, includes limited edition gear such as Weezer inspired men's and women's wovens, t-shirts, and hoodies.  Reaching out directly to their fans, the band will offer unique access, new music and an exclusive line of clothing making for a perfect convergence between artists and fans.
"It was swell working with the good people at Hurley on our first adventure into a clothing line. My favorite piece we've created is the zip up hoodie - especially for those cool fall nights." - Pat Wilson, Weezer
The first product of this major merger is a capsule collaboration of Hurley men and women's clothing, available exclusively in select PacSun stores nationwide starting September 10th, 2010. The clothes, designed especially to capture the casual and comfortable style of America's indie rock heroes, make a perfect addition to Hurley's beloved collection of youth apparel. The collection reflects a simple color pallet based on a quirky, yet classic green tone, that feels both retro and futuristic all at the same time.  Hurley designed every day items, with the creativity and freedom of Weezer's music and the Hurley lifestyle in mind that make these pieces feel fun and new.
"Certain words come to mind when I think of Weezer....youth, innovative, creative, inclusive, classic. and fresh. These are the very principles that the Hurley brand was founded on.  Weezer's core values  parallel Hurley's bloodlines and brand truths. It seemed like a no brainer to join minds, and embrace these values together. Designing this collection with the design team came naturally, we love the band, their vibe, and their fans. Aren't we all Weezer fans?" - Ryan Hurley, VP of Men's Design for Hurley

Additionally, Weezer will be releasing a brand new album cleverly titled "Hurley" with their new label Epitaph Records, but PacSun will have the album exclusively for sale on Sept 10th with nationwide listening parties at all PacSun locations.  So if you want it first this is the only place to get it
Lastly between September 10th and October 15th kids who purchase the exclusive Hurley/Weezer product at PacSun will receive a free download card with bonus content.  Every card is a winner, and one lucky Weezer fan will receive a special lunchtime concert with Weezer at their high school or college. Other prizes include Hurley merchandise, Weezer albums, signed posters, guitars and much more.

This collaboration and contest unites music, clothes, user generated designs and an unbelievable hometown concert into a perfect storm of excitement for kids going back to school.



Artist: Weezer

Album: Hurley

Genre: Pop, Rock

Official Site


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