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By Lee Roberts

Happy Easter

It's Easter weekend and it's my day to post a new blog so to celebrate the holiday I'm going to make this weeks blog with a little Easter theme to it, such as Easter Eggs in Captain America The Winter Soldier.

Have you watched Captain America The Winter Soldier yet? No? Yes? Well, if not you might want to skip this one because though I won't give away spoilers when it comes to the plot having the surprise of catching a Easter egg for some is fun. But if you do want to know what to look for then read on fellow fanboys/fangirls and you shall get the eggs. For those that have watched the movie, well you could know about these or maybe not.
1) A nod to Hawkeye can be seen with the Black Widow by looking at her neckline. No I don't mean that, I mean the necklace that she is wearing that is an arrow.

2) 13 can mean good luck or at least in this case it means Agent 13. If you don't know who Agent 13 is, her real name is Sharon Carter and she and Cap do have a relationship in the comic so maybe in Cap 3 we will see more of these two.

3) Since Agent 13 was mentioned it would not be right if I didn't bring up Crossbones. Brock Rumlow played by Frank Grillo, he's Crossbones, the guy that is always fighting Cap and from the way he was shown in this movie we might get a Crossbones in Cap 3.

4) Leap, leap, leap, that's right Batroc the Leaper is in this. Maybe not quite a Easter Egg considering Batroc has a big fight with Cap at the start of the movie, but for some people they don't know who Batroc is. For you, Batroc is a French villain who leaps, hence Batroc the Leaper.

5) During the interrogation that Cap, Widow, and Falcon have with Agent Sitwell, Sitwell talks about the algorithm that Zola created to find people. One of the names that Sitwell throws out is Stephen Strange, the one and only Doctor Strange, the sorcerer supreme.

6)  Avengers assemble, alright no they don't actually appear in this movie but the tower does. Actually it's Stark Tower from the Avengers movie but it is also Avengers Tower and it's seen briefly.

7) Follow the right path, in fact, “The path of the righteous man… Ezekiel 25:17.”. Yep, a nod to Pulp Fiction there and it's on the headstone at the end so pay attention during that moment.