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In Theatres: 
Apr 27, 2012
Running Time: 
1 Hour, 35 Mintues

 If there’s one thing Jason Statham does better than anyone else on screen, it’s throwing a punch. The man is this generation’s action hero. It just doesn’t seem right unless he has a gun in one hand and a normal item forged into a deadly weapon in the other. Safe puts Statham in the custody of a 12-year-old girl who is running the numbers for the Triads in New York. Don’t let that fool you, though. No Jason Statham movie would be complete without a complete path of destruction through the city.

Luke Wright (Statham) was one of the best cops in New York City until he left the force and the corruption associated with it. He troubles only start there as his wife is soon murdered by the Russian mafia and rather than kill Luke, they decide to kill anyone he tries to befriend. From there on, he attempts to live as a ghost. That all changes when he randomly comes in contact with the young Mei (Catherine Chan); a girl who is in possession of a very long chain of numbers that is vital to the Triads, but also sought after by the Russians and even the NYPD. Luke now makes it his mission to protect this girl at all costs.

Part Transporter and part Crank, Safe is an all-out action flick that showcases what Jason Statham does best. With all manners of stereotypical mobsters after this one little girl, Luke has his hands full battling the Triads, the Russians, and the corrupt police force he once worked for. Statham is one of those people who can go up against a dozen armed men and within a few seconds, have them all lying in the ground in front of him. Best of all, he does it with style. Ordinary objects such as plates and forks become deadly weapons when in the hands of Luke. Safe features plenty of these action-packed brawls, and fans of Statham will be pleased to know that it falls closely in line with the majority of his other work.

Safe’s plot is typical, with everyone being either corrupt, a martial arts expert, or a mixture of both. Then again, this isn’t the type of movie you see for the story. I will give credit to Catherine Chan, who plays the young mathematician genius Mei. She’s a girl who can hold her own and isn’t some little girl who needs to be babysat. Besides, if you knew all the business ledgers for the Triads you’d be in a powerful position too.

Overall, Safe is an entertaining action flick that gets the job done. There are plenty of cool fight scenes and Statham kicks all kinds of ass. Just don’t go in expecting the next Citizen Kane.

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Matt Rodriguez
Review by Matt Rodriguez
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