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Move Mind Benders

Move Mind Benders

(Sony Computer Entertainment)
Ship Date: 
Friday, November 11, 2011

Move Mind Benders is a somewhat surprising release from Sony; a compilation of Move-enabled PlayStation Network games, all available on a single Blu-Ray disc.

The package includes three of the best puzzle games on the PlayStation Store – echochrome ii, Lemmings and Tumble, and is presumably aimed at PS3 owners who are not connected to PSN.


Lemmings originally came to the PlayStation Network way back in November 2006, as a launch title for Sony’s fledgling online service. It is therefore the only game in this compilation that was patched with Move support after its initial release.

Rather than being a port of the original game, the PSN version of Lemmings is a completely different title, and even includes new additions to the gameplay such as clone machines and teleporters. However, your main purpose remains the same ever.

Lemmings aren’t the brightest of mammals, and therefore must be guided to the exit in each level. To get them there, you can assign roles such as Blocker (to make other Lemmings turn around), Basher (to smash through solid walls) and Builder (to reach higher sections and cross gaps).

The gameplay really is timeless, not to mention addictive. The difficulty ramps up significantly on later levels, so it’ll take all your concentration and cunning to pass all 45 levels; it’s good to know that the accuracy of the Move means you are never let down by the controls.

Considering it’s a five year old game, Lemmings on PSN still looks great, and the little green-haired guys have never looked better. The soundtrack also boasts some incredibly catchy tunes, including several remixes of classic Lemmings ditties.

lemmings screen Move Mind Benders   The PS3 Attitude Review

Obviously, Lemmings is normally played with a mouse, so using the PlayStation Move to control the PSN version works brilliantly. If you’re somehow still yet to play this evergreen title, Move Mind Benders presents you with the perfect opportunity to do so.



Review by Stefhutch20