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By Peter Oberth

Monsters beat down horror, WWE fails again

So, after months of teasing starting with the Super Bowl, of all places, Monsters Vs. Aliens opened, and it opened big.  Also coming in big was The Haunting in Connecticut, reviving the year of horror that was briefly derailed by The Last House On The Left 2 weeks ago.  Meanwhile, over in WWE movie land, 12 Rounds flopped like the rest.

MONSTERS VS. ALIENS ($58,200,000)
If it holds, MvA will take the crown from Watchmen as the biggest opening of the year so far (further embarassing the Watchmen debacle).  But, in terms of CGI movies, it fell short of Wall-E, Cars, and even Dreamworks own Magascar: Escape 2 Africa.  For a first run in what is likely to become a franchise (don't they all lately?), it's not too shabby.

Opening higher than The Unborn and The Uninvited but fell well short of both Friday the 13th and My Bloody valentine 3D.  For a non-remake against a potential non-competing blockbuster, the $20 million+ opening is actually extremely impressive.

12 ROUNDS ($5,300,000)
As far as WWE films go, this one was, well, exactly what is expected of a movie produced by World Wrestlined Entertainment: poor.  It's $5 million opening, however, is enough to nearly equal WWE's previous effort, The Condemned, in it's entire theatrical run ($7 million).

The full weekend box office ticked in as follows:


TW LW Title (click to read review) Weekend Gross Total Gross
1 N Monsters Vs. Aliens $58,200,000 $58,200,000
2 N The Haunting in Connecticut $23,010,000 $23,010,000
3 1 Knowing $14,705,000 $46,220,000
4 2 I Love You, Man $12,600,000 $37,007,000
5 3 Duplicity $7,556,000 $25,639,000
6 4 Race to Witch Mountain $5,637,000 $53,295,000
7 N 12 Rounds $5,300,000 $5,300,000
8 5 Watchmen $2,755,000 $103,296,000
9 7 Taken $2,700,000 $137,074,000
10 6 The Last House On The Left $2,611,000 $28,459,000


 Source: Box Office Mojo