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Erik Griffin

Erik Griffin
SHAKEFIRE (SF): You are in the midst of a massive club tour. Where do you find time for that, recording, acting and everything else you have your hands in?
ERIK GRIFFIN (EG): I want to say its soooo much, but come on, it’s not an 8 hour a day job. There is time to get it all done, its just about the quality and the pressure of being great. I want to be remembered I want to live up to the fans expectations and at the same time have a great time doing it. 
SF: When is the last time you got nervous on stage?
EG: I only get nervous depending on what is at stake. Is it a showcase or a tv taping or someone I am trying to impress in the crowd, that makes me nervous. But overall, I love what I do and I feel pretty confident in my ability so I am normally pretty chill when I get on stage.
SF: What is the strangest place you have ever performed?
EG: On a tour bus, it was a day trip to Vegas for a church group. They were drinking and acting crazy and I had to keep them entertained all the way to Vegas.
SF: You will be taping a half hour special soon, is that going to feature all new material or will it be "Technical Foul: Volume One" heavy?
EG: Technical Heavy. I am a very visual comic and I want people to see me perform some of that stuff. 
SF: Any movies on the horizon?
EG: I wish! I have taken a lot of great meetings, introduced myself to a bunch of casting folks, so I am looking forward to breaking into movies.

SF: What was the most difficult part of making "Technical Foul: Volume One"?
EG: Trusting other people that it sounded great, that the material was good enough. I am so hard on myself. 


Technical Foul: Volume One" is in stores March 12!
Would you rather have a microphone on stage or pants?

Microphone, I will tuck it.

Who is your least favorite actor on Workaholics? (We won't tell)

Kyle hahaha DON’T TELL!! haha

Who would you rather? Paul Shore or Pauly D from the Shore?

Oh god really? Pauly D I like his hair.

Can I borrow, like, five dollars?

Borrow? Here you go. Sure?

What is the capital of Peru?

Let me google that, hold on……. Got it , Lima

Why aren't you Peter Griffin?

I lost too much weight for the part.

Tell us a joke no one has heard, funny man...

Two Jews walk into a bar and see two Irish guys doing taxes at a booth.

You have more followers than us on Twitter, so when can we get that five dollars?

I need to crack my penny jar and I will send you a bag full.

Do you have a favorite celebrity baby?

Brad and Angelina have a gorgeous baby!

You are releasing "Technical Foul: Volume One" in March. When is volume two coming out already?

Not sure, that’s sorta of a funny title name, but Vol two will definitely be more music heavy!

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Interview by Peter Oberth
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