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Quickie 10

Artist: Godsmack

Members: Shannon Larkin

Latest Album: The Oracle

In Stores: 05/04/2010

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In February of 1995, after being behind the drums for more than 23 years, Sully Erna decided to start a new band. It was only a matter of time before he realized he needed to take charge and step out from behind the kit to front the band himself.

15 years, several member changes later (including drummer Shannon Larkin, formerly of Ugly Kid Joe and AMEN) and Godmsack are releasing their latest CD 'The Oracle" on May 4, 2010.  We sat down with Larking to discuss the band's timultuous years, possible break-ups and how he would rather sleep with Gilligan's Island's Ginger in Central Park...or something.

SHAKEFIRE: A few years ago when you release your greatest hits album, there was a lot of talk of trouble brewing within the band.  Was there ever a moment where Godsmack considered calling it quits?

SHANNON LARKIN: In every bands career, there are always rumours, and most of them are stemmed from some grain of truth. We are like a dysfunctional family in that we have problems, but in the end, we love each other and know the band is bigger than any one of us individually. That said, the answer is yes.

SF: You were quoted on Rockerazzi that there won't be any "Voodoo's" or "Serenity's" on the new album.  Was that referencing that there won't be any softer rock songs or that it won't be similar to anything fans have heard before?

SL: Yes, that was referencing "soft songs". But I spoke too soon, as the song "What If?" ended up on the new record, which definately has "voodoo"-ish elements to it. We just really wanted to make a heavy, back to basics monster of a record, which we feel we have done.

SF: Speaking of that, there was a lot of criticism about releasing a sequel to "Voodoo", which led to the speculation that the band was running out of steam.  How do you respond to those critics and fans?

SL: Responding to critics is a fickle practice, as in the end it is, afterall, an opinion of an individual. In the defense of "Voodoo Two", I wrote that riff around a cool drumbeat I had, played it for the guys, and the song came together quite easy and very naturally. It definately had the voodoo vibe, which was ironic since I wasn't with the band when they wrote voodoo. When Sully first sang us the lyrics and melody, we did discuss the implications of a "Voodoo" sequel, and (obviously) in the end decided to go with it.

SF: Godsmack is attached to a number of festivals this summer.  Is there a plan for a headlining tour.  If so, what stops are you looking at?

SL: No plans for a tour thus far, although we are discussing going out in the Fall/Winter.

1. Stone Temple Pilots or Rob Zombie?

2. The last thing I twittered:

3. Do you prefer left or right?
Hangs to the right

4. Where is the weirdest place you have slept?
Central Park

5. What is in your pockets right now?
Wallet, eye drops

6. Mary Ann or Ginger?


7. Have you ever shot a gun?
Hunting when I was a kid. 12 gauge Remington.

8. My biggest pet peeve is:

9. "Twilight" is...
An easy but good read. My daughter loves the films.

10. Headline or Opening act?
Don't care as long as I’m on the stage.

>>Can you give us a recipe for your favorite drink or food that you make?

My "Crack wings" You can't eat just one;)
1. Get bag of frozen wings and drumettes, thaw.
2. Fry in deep fryer for 16 minutes
3. microwave half stick of real butter for 15 seconds (until melted).
4. Add wings to lidded container, pour on melted butter, shake until wings are covered
5. Add "Everglade" regular seasoning to wings(a couple teaspoons,or to taste), shake
6. And finish with a good shaking of "Everglade" hot seasoning (which like the regular seasoning comes in a powder form, not liquid) To taste
This is not for health nuts or calorie watchers, but for beer drinkers and hell raisers!



Right On Shannon! U' Kick

Right On Shannon! U' Kick ass! /"GODSMACK" / So after eatting the wings' what smells worse? Your butt " OR Sully's bare feet after -Cryin Like A Bitch' Vid! witch is SO "Kick-ass! Nice "GODSMACK" So pumped 4 MAY-4th!! support 4-life!! peace! paintendave.

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