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Rival Tides

Rival Tides

LA-based rock quintet RIVAL TIDES have premiered a brand new single and music video entitled “My Insomnia” – the opening track from their debut self-titled EP out on September 17th. We talk with the band about not that...

Greatest guitarist of all time?

Stevie Ray Vaughn

Last time you exercised?

Do band practices count? If so, then tonight.

Can you parallel park?

Yes, we can even parallel park the van with a trailer attached if we have enough space.

Favorite condiment?

Sriracha. The entire band might not agree, but those who disagree are wrong.

Do you have any comic books?

Pretty much the entire set of "Calvin and Hobbes." Calvin's Stupendous Man is my favorite superhero.

How many siblings do you have?


Do you use Tumblr?

Definitely. Our website (rivaltides.com) is actually set up through Tumblr, but it's a great place to see gifs of "Arrested Development" and cats.

Have you ever swallowed mouthwash?

Yes, but only to clear my throat.

Indie vinyl has been on the rise for a few years, did that factor into your decision to release your album in that format?

Definitely. If we didn't think our fans would be interested in the format, we'd pass. Although a Laser Disc album could be cool...

You haven't had a proper tour in several months. When will your next tour begin?

Good question. We're currently looking at options for west coast dates and hopefully we can expand beyond that, once more people start hearing and enjoying our music.

Interview by Kara Johnson