Joe Moorhead: Tides Are Rising

Tides Are Rising

(Joe Moorhead)
Release Date: 
Monday, April 22, 2013

I don't know how the weather has been this Summer for the rest of the country or the world for that matter but here where I live in the Carolinas, this Summer has been wet. There was more rain this Summer season and only a few days that where dry and in the 90's and not one day that reached near 100. No, this is not a weather broadcast for anyone reading looking for a review on Tides Are Rising by Joe Moorhead but rather me setting the mood for the music I just listened to. While I've had a wet Summer here, I was just reminded on how wet because the album Tides Are Rising is a Summer, beach, island, vacation album and nothing else. As soon as the first song, “Bad Day”, played I was wanting to be anyone else but in my apartment, downtown in the city. This song and the other 11 songs on this album had me in the mood to be on a a beach somewhere, anywhere, with a cold drink in my hand, my friends to joke with, and some water and other things to look at. This song also has lyrics that just hit home and make a connection with me on any bad day that I might have had while also reminding e that others can feel that way and a good way to help those feelings out was to listen to this kind of music. Though the songs do remind me of being out on a beach, there are a few that if they are played alone can be good songs to just relax to and fall in the groove of the song. My favorite song on this album was “Devil on the Beach” with it's catchy lyrics where the phrase “here he comes” is repeated. But it also the way the vocals are being used to make the song a story as well as this warning to watch out. It's just a fun song, it's a fun album, the beats are laid back while still being able to pep me up, and the lyrics make a connection with me. Tides Are Rising is a laid back album with songs that have good drums, some bongos, and even a steel pan drum for that added beach sound. Joe Moorhead has a strong voice that's keeps the songs mellow and fun while making the songs easy to learn. All of these songs are the kind that people will sing along with if at a concert or just hanging out listening to the album. Now I just have one thing to say to Joe Moorhead, thanks for making me want to be at the beach during the middle of my work week when I can't go. Well, two things really,  thanks for the good tunes also.

Lee Roberts
Review by Lee Roberts
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