Book: A Loop in Time � Book One Of The Polis Series
Author(s):Rowena Wright
Publisher: Finial
Release Date:November 8, 2006
Review By:Baron

  The Egyptian myth of Osiris is told in post 9/11 New York with elements of science, history, art, spiritualism, and time travel...


RATING: 2.97 (out of 4.00)

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�Sophia Ludwig loved babies.� That�s the first line from this book and, for the sake of positive first impressions with yours truly, the last thing an author should ever write. Ever. Babies suck. I made the difficult decision to continue reading beyond this horrible opening and am glad to have done so. What follows after is a fairly creative tale that dares to give young adults an intelligent and imaginative story. At 291 pages this is a relatively short read but there�s a healthy bit of material for the size. Wright�s creative structure didn�t always agree with me but her style is very descriptive without being detail-obsessive, and that�s always a plus.

The concept of a children�s blanket that allows the main character to speak with the likes of Einstein and Fibonacci was a bit much in the cuteness department for me but the book is intended generally for young girls so I can�t specifically complain about that point. Beyond that minor issue the story is sound and packed full of all manner of references to the sciences and arts. If you have or know a young woman that you suspect may in fact have a brain, this would make a decent gift for her. If she�s more interested in make-up and shopping than the various arts and sciences, you may as well not bother.

-Baron has been a writer for since 2006.

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