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Super Storm

Super Storm

On Blu-Ray: 
Tuesday, August 13, 2013
Running Time: 
89 minutes

From the moment that we could see Jupiter we have been mystified by the planets red dot. A location on the planet that has the worst storms we know of, at least it used to have. When the red spot suddenly disappears from the planet, the cause is unknown and devastating for Earth. Lightning bolts that are powerful enough to topple buildings strike down from crimson clouds while tornados and winds take what's left behind. Major cities around the US have been destroyed, communications are down, panic and death reign the streets, unless a small group of survivors can put 'The Destruction Particle" into use.

It was what I expected it to be, being that this was yet another one of SyFy's natural disaster movies. This film features actors that I've never seen before, well, exception being Mitch Pileggi, and if I have seen a movie/show they have been in I don't remember them. Mitch Pileggi really didn't break out of his typical gruff, I see things my way style of acting but once again the role he is in fits for that style of acting. It's not stellar nor is it that interesting so I wasn't too hurt seeing that he didn't have much screen time. The other actors seemed to do an alright job with their acting but I got the sense that they knew what kind of movie it was so were either not taking it seriously because they didn't like being there or that they weren't taking it seriously because it's a corny movie. For whatever reason they had for acting the way they do I wasn't impressed with any of them or their characters.

Yet another movie where nature seems to just come out of nowhere with storms that make even the worse of any real storm look like it was a light breeze. I really didn't catch the reason behind the storms while watching Super Storm, whether it was because I faded out some when they gave it or because the movie didn't give a good explanation. I'm going to go with I faded out because this movie didn't keep me interested and didn't have anything that was interesting so I was losing my focus on the story. The plot of this movie is just like all other movies made like this, it has no real plot, the reason behind the storms is lame, actors seem to be in pain for being there, and the CGI is overlaid on the video.
I would like to say that the movie is good but I just can't. I was bored with it from the start, the storms where way too extreme, and every character got on my nerves. Ok, so there are some really bad storms happening that can tear down buildings but does that mean go stand out in them? What got on my nerves the most was that the characters who were put into the movie just stumbled around until the end as they tried to not get struck by the lightning but then the movie just seems to end. Sure they can up with a way to stop the storms but it was more unbelievable then the storms where.

It's entertaining only in the sense that I was laughing at how bad it was. It has no real story, the progression is goes from just happening to ending, I didn't see the point in some of the characters, and when it does it, it's over too fast. However, to make matters worse for this movie was that when I went to look it up online, putting in Super Storm will bring up other searches. This movie was originally called Mega Cyclone, so if you are looking up Super Storm you will find what I did, a movie that's not this movie.

Lee Roberts
Review by Lee Roberts
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