>> The Brazen Bull (2010)

Title: The Brazen Bull

Genre: Drama, Horror

Starring: Michael Madsen, Jennifer Tisdale, Rachel Hunter, David Frank Fletcher Jr., Nils Allen Stewart

Director: Douglas Elford-Argent

Studio: Virgil Films and Entertainment

Runtime: 85 minutes

Release Date: November 9, 2010

Format: DVD

Discs: 1

MPAA Rating: R

Rating: 0.79 (out of 4.00)

Grade: F

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Dreadful - I don’t remember when the last time was I used this word in a review, but this is the word that I use to describe this straight-to-DVD film staring Reservoir Dogs' Michael Madsen.  
The story begins with a man, played by Madsen, who asks his murder victim “Do you know what a Brazen Bull is?” Before we find out why he commits murder or what he wants, we are introduced to Lauren (Jennifer Tisdale, the older sister of Ashley Tisdale) and her friend Ashley. Lauren and her fiancé/business partner Tyler just purchased an abandoned building to convert to new residential lots. Next we meet two detectives, and one of them is Lauren’s mom (Rachel Hunter, one of Rod Stewart’s ex wives). Coincidentally, they will be the ones to investigate the murder which occurs at the beginning of the movie. This investigation segment also comes to a pause without much explanation. When Lauren, Tyler and Ashley come to inspect their new property, they find out that someone else is in the building.
Since nothing interesting was going on even in the fifth chapter, it was hard for me to pay full attention to the storyline. However, I was still able to notice many flaws in The Brazen Bull. When you find a dead body, what would you do first? If I were Lauren, I would call the police or my mom, who is a detective. Also, while Lauren looks for Tyler, why doesn’t she check empty rooms? There is no cell phone reception on the roof of the building, even though there are other buildings around that area? There are several more of these flaws. Another bad ingredient is acting, which is highly amateurish. Other than Madsen’s mad character, no-one displays human emotions, except for occasional screams. It is not easy to detect a mother-daughter chemistry between Hunter and Tisdale.   
There was nothing for me to get excited, scared or thrilled about this movie. No hidden agenda, no psychological horror, no gasping scene. Although the killer’s motives are finally revealed, the conclusion of the movie is still very weak. It does not make me feel sorry for either prey or predator due to vague explanations. How about Lauren’s mom’s involvement and connection to the main character? Yes, how about it? I think I must have missed it. Did the movie suddenly focus on the mother-daughter relationship in the last minute? I am not sure. What I know is this – I just watched a DVD with some brief sick bloody gory torture scenes without any scenario. 


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