>> Jaicko: Quickie 10

“When I started to grow my hair and I got expelled from school, I knew that music was going to be my future. I thought ‘This is what I have to do now’ because I just sacrificed my education. School in Barbados is very different than in the United States because we were a British colony; you wear a uniform, your hair has to be a certain length. When I stepped out to do this that’s when I started to take music really seriously. I knew my hair would be a big part of my image. I knew there was no going back.” It’s an intriguing tale, the rebel with a cause. But 18-year-old Jaicko [pronounced Jay-ko], has long been the author of his own destiny. Though he’s matter-of-fact about his forthcoming album on Capitol Records –“It’s life through the eyes of a 18-year-old”– this is an artist with a lot to say. In fact, the native of Barbados is very much culling the classic American story: an immigrant who comes to our shores armed only with the best intents and an idea he believes has currency.

1. Left or Right handed?
Right handed
2. What is the hardest thing you've ever had to do?
get a comb through my hair
3. Sometimes I wonder about:
how I’d live without music
4. Do you own any records?
Yes, Michael Jackon and Stevie Wonder
5. The last thing I twittered:
RT @djamplifide: Gearing up for the Little Black Dress party tonight at Stir Fry featuring @JaickoLawrence
6. How many watches do you own?
10 and counting
7. CGI or Live Action?
8. Last meal you ate?
Stir Fry
9. What is your favorite cologne?
10. Describe your album "Can I" in 5 words:
Uplifting, Sincere, Inspirational, Catchy, and Exciting



oh yeah

u are a very highly well mannerd man an di would love to really meet u and have fun wit u please follow me on twitter and facebook and myspace omg u are sexy hottie lov eur hair let it grow.

J-Co :]

I freakin love this quy sooooo much. He's absolutely qorqeous, has an amazinq voice, and seems really sweet. I HAVE to meet him one day! Fast Forward is the ssssshhhhiiiittttt <3 U qo boy :]


he's gorgeous (:
he came to my highschool for a concert , the afterschool ambush thing with 104.5 and he was amazing . he has a great voice and hes beautiful .. lol <3

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