The Messengers (PREVIEW)

The Messengers

There really is no good place to start with The Messengers. One minute your watching two characters who have a two minute scene and aren’t seen again until the show is almost over, to being bounced all over the place with a handful of characters who have no plausible connections and absolutely no fleshing out process. There really is no cause for investment with the characters you’re introduced to because there are so many and so few minutes within the pilot episode to give you time to meet them, other then a shallow glimpse narrated by stereotype. 
The theme of the show feels very much like King’s The Stand with some crossover superhero appeal. At best though this feels like The CW’s answer to SyFy’s Dominion (kind of). Again, the show has somewhat of a lead, but mostly you're put off by the lack of focus with it’s characters. 
By the end of the show I was convinced I wasn’t going to find myself coming back for more. The acting was pretty atrocious, the shallow and almost non-existent character development was molasses slow for a non-reveal, and the show felt like I’d been there before several times. I wanted to like The messengers. I really did. I unfortunately found this pilot episode to be an unfocused bust of mediocre writing.
AJ Garcia
Review by AJ Garcia
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