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Air Review: Low Wishes

One of the most refreshing things about music is discovering a band that breaks through the normal boundaries that we naturally build up for ourselves. It's easy to get stuck in a rut, get sucked into a genre, or simply not pay attention to new things on the horizon.... Read more

The Way Back (BLU-RAY)

Gee, and I thought I needed chapstick. ... Read more

The Way Back

Gee, and I thought I needed chapstick.  ... Read more
Matt Rodriguez's picture
By Matt Rodriguez

Everybody poops, so why not log it?

Just like eating, breathing or sleeping, everybody needs to go to the bathroom. What you do while popping a squat is your own business but AvatarLabs have come up with the perfect time waster for the iPhone and iPod Touch and called it Poo Log.... Read more
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By Eric Drumm

Sequential Art and You.

Howdy pardners!   I’m Drumm.  I like comics.     This here blog will be a place for you graphic narrative folks to get together, have a few laughs, air your gripes and maybe learn a thing or two.     ... Read more