Dave Kilminster: And The Truth Will Set You Free

In the world of music there are a lot of people that have become popular for playing the guitar. While there are those people, there are also some that play just as good as some of those popular ones but go their careers being content with just being well known with other musicians and with some fame. Such a guitarist is Dave Kilminster, who has been rocking since he was a kid on the guitar. He's played with such people as Roger Waters and Keith Emmerson, making him a guitarist to listen to, and with this new solo album his talent is easily heard on, “And The Truth Will Set You Free”.
This album is good with a lot of skill on the guitar by Dave Kilminster. The songs, like Dave Kilminster, are subtle but still have energy to them. The talent that he has for playing the guitar is evident in these songs. Though he is not breaking out in a guitar solo where he rips away on the six string, but what he does is make the guitar have a solid sound. It's clear in the music that Dave Kilminster has put a lot of thought into making these songs have a good sound to them.
I would have liked the songs to have had a bit more energy and a quicker pacing at times, but overall the songs are good. He really does have a good skill for playing the guitar, but there was one thing missing from some of these songs, excitement. As far as the talent being put into the playing of the instruments, the strong vocals, I just didn't get excited and pumped up while listening to some of the songs. I'm not looking to have myself bouncing off the walls but I would like to be tapping my foot or singing along while the songs play and I just didn't get that with this album. The songs are well written, the are played with talent, they even sound good, but instead of going from good to great, “And The Truth Will Set You Free”, just stays at good.

Lee Roberts
Review by Lee Roberts
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