>> The Mary Tyler Moore Show: The Complete Seventh Season (2010)

Show: The Mary Tyler Moore Show

Season/Volume: 7

Genre: Comedy

Starring: Ed Asner, Ted Knight, Betty White, Mary Tyler Moore, Gavin McCleod

Studio: 20th Century Fox

Runtime: 612 minutes

Release Date: October 5, 2010

Format: DVD

Discs: 3

Rating: 4.34 (out of 4.00)

Grade: A

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The "Mary Tyler Moore Show" is probably one of the best TV shows to ever air, so reviewing the seventh season was a joy. I remember my parents watching this show when I was a kid, in fact, I think our house looked a lot like Mary Richards' if only in color scheme. Many of the clothing styles have come and gone and then come and gone again. A lot of recycling in 30 years.

"The Mary Tyler Moore Show" centers around Mary and the wacky, but completely loveable news room crew at WJM-TV. The cast is nothing short of perfect: Ed Asner, Gavin McCleod, Ted Knight, and Betty White. Let me just say that Rue McClanahan's "Golden Girl" had NOTHING on Sue Ann, so Betty White did it first and best. You go, Betty! And there is no better test to gauge how good an actor is until he or she gets to play a dumb character and Ted Knight's Anchorman "Ted Baxter" is not only well-played, but hilarious.

The plots and character draw the viewer right into the newsroom and their lives. The show is brilliantly acted and written, back when TV shows were quality shows. Even in its seventh season, the show was fresh and had plenty of spunk, no rehashed plot lines or filler.

The three-disc set contains all 24 episodes, but unfortunately for some people the final curtain call was omitted from some of the discs. Sadly, my copy was one of them, but it takes nothing away from such a great show.  Viewers will not be disappointed by this TV classic.


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"A limited number of The Mary Tyler Moore Show Season 7 on DVD was distributed without the “Final Curtain Call.” Consumers should call 888-223-4369 to request a replacement disc."



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