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Poochamungas: Block Party

Block Party!

Release Date: 
Tuesday, October 8, 2013
Poochamungas, a massive band, from the list of people involved on their Facebook page, and a great one at that. Imagine if the Allman Brothers Band started making kids music, that’s pretty much the kind of jamming sessions that go on here for the most part. As for the message, I was a bit on the fence about the lyrical narrative involved on the CD. 
I’ve reviewed tons of kids albums and have loved most. What makes a kids album great to me is when the players are young at heart and everything they do is in the mindset of a child. Poochamungas has that feel, but the album is littered with best intentions, adult perspective kid moments, and even some tunes that break off into retrospective numbers about the singers life, family, and events. 
While there is nothing wrong with a kids album like this, it’s just a shame that the musical scope of the album is so fantastic, but the kid aspect feels a bit written. Sure, some of the tracks are reminiscent of childhood and some of them are all about family, but I feel like when kids listen to music they want something silly they can connect to. Instead the album tries too hard to come off in the view of a child rather then just hitting on the inner child and tossing out something playful and fun naturally. 
Maybe it’s just me, and in any case all it really comes down to is if you like the album or not. In any case the music on the album is amazing and I wonder if the band has an adult band they masquerade as, that would be awesome. In any case kids will likely love the tunes and parents will find themselves toe tapping and head nodding to the fantastic ensemble sound of Poochamungas. 
AJ Garcia
Review by AJ Garcia
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