>> Prince of Power no longer Prince of Smarts maybe, BRAAAAIIIINNNNNNSSSSS

Prince of Power no longer Prince of Smarts maybe, BRAAAAIIIINNNNNNSSSSS

Well, the death toll has went up by one more in the comic world. Hercules has been killed off, or has he? In the last 4 issues of The Incredible Hercules, both Hercules and Amadeus Cho (Hercules sidekick and the 7th smartest person) has to take on Greek mythological figures. The plot, the Greek gods want to erase the existence of Earth while creating a new Earth that will be theirs to rule. Pretty much they feel like they are being forgotten so they want a world where that won’t happen. So of course Hercules must stop this from happening and with the help from Amadeus Cho and even the New Avengers it happens. But by the end of the story there is a major twist (what a twist) to the story that ends up with Hercules being killed while Amadeus Cho becomes the new Prince of Power.

I liked the story but come on, stop killing off characters and then bringing them back. Now I don’t know for sure, not 100%, that Hercules is dead or that he will be brought back but going by the past times this has happened I’m going to say no to the dead part and yes to coming back. Still, I like the idea of Amadeus Cho becoming the new Prince of Power with the reasoning being that the time for strength was over, it is now time for brain power. Though I think it would have been a better story if they had Hercules being stripped of all his power and the strength that has made him a legend, making him mortal and having to deal with that. While Amadeus would be given some of his strength and becomes immortal. This just seems to more interesting than just having the normal story line of the hero that is lost, mourned, life begins to continue on without hero, then news is told of the hero being alive or there is a way to bring back said dead hero, the search for hero/way to bring hero back, and then ending with the return of hero. But since I’m not a writer for the comic nor have any say over it, I will just have to sit back to read the stories that are given to me.

Speaking of death, one of the comics I like the most is coming back again next week on April 7. That comic title is Marvel Zombies, in which the title is Marvel Zombies 5. Not sure exactly what’s going to happen in it but it’s been building up in the title Deadpool Merc With A Mouth. Back in Marvel Zombies 4 the Deadpool Zombie head made it to Earth 616 with Zombie Morbius by using a portal. Since then Deadpool proper has been carrying around Zombie head Deadpool trying to keep it out of the hands of A.I.M. and trying to figure out what to do with the head. At any rate, Deadpool and the Zombie head Deadpool have been sent through another portal back into the Zombieverse that the head came from. So with that I’m thinking it will somehow lead into the new Marvel Zombies 5 title.
The thing about the zombies is that anything is possible. Now I know that Marvel won’t have the 616 universe (for those that might not know the numbers of the universes of Marvel, Earth 616 is the main continuity for the characters and titles that is out in the market), but I doubt that Marvel will allow Earth 616 to be taken over by a zombie plague like they did for some of the others in the Zombies title. But it will be interesting to see what they have in store for Deadpool of Earth 616 as he deals with the zombies. Though that’s one thing I don’t get how a character that has the power to heal from any wound can be changed into a zombie. Shouldn’t that healing factor be able to keep him from turning into a zombie? Same with Wolverine. Also how the Sentry was able to turn into a zombie being that he is so strong that his skin can’t be broken yet a bite from a walking dead can do it. At any rate I can’t wait to read what the new title has in store.

That’s it for me on this blog. As soon as I read the Green Hornet title that’s being done by Kevin Smith I’ll be talking about it. Till then I’ll just have to read other titles to talk about.
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