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By Maria Jackson

Happy Hunger Games! Vol. 1, Issue 22

The Capitol Couture’s Chrome Nouveau is an online magazine featuring fashions from The Capitol. This month’s issue features Effie Trinket. No surprise, considering she’s the companion to, not only one, but two victors.



Effie Trinket

Since guiding her tributes to victory, District 12’s exuberant escort Effie Trinket has quickly become an icon of the 74th Games, and a Capitol phenomenon. Effie has built her larger-than-life persona through a persevering positive attitude, and the best manners and fashion sense in the Capitol. Capitol citizens are likely to spot her trailed by snapping cameras, posing with her ever-present, ebullient smile. But what is she like when cameras aren’t rolling?  We joined her over a typical day to find out.




Catching Fire was profiled in The Slate and featured a new screenshot!

See you next week tributes!