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Wicked Tuna (PREVIEW)

Wicked Tuna

The Reckoning
Regular Air Date: 
Sunday @ 8/9
Air Date: 
Sunday, June 8, 2014
The season finale of Wicked Tuna finds the fisherman contestants in a race to see who finishes on top and who goes home with an empty wallet. With all boats on the water and each boat trying to grab themselves the last fish of the season, the battle between man and tuna is desperate and fierce. 
Television has become so, I want to say desperate, to angle shows for everyone. You’ve got shows for auction bidders, antique buyers, poker players, pawn shop owners, and even a show catering to mob wives that it doesn’t surprise me to find a show about independent fisherman looking to make a fortune while also competing with one another in a tally system. Quite honestly I couldn’t really get into it. 
I watched as the fisherman sat on their boats waiting and worrying about the other boats and praying for a catch. Since I’m not a fisherman I couldn’t really step into the vibe of the show, but when the fisherman started to get bites and battle for a catch I was intrigued. Unfortunately all of the catches were pretty much the same. Some got away, some fought hard, most looked pretty limp being brought aboard. Even the weigh in and the money tally was pretty bland for me. 
Not much to go on as far as the cast goes. The only real character defining moments were between the captain of the Pinwheel and one of the other boats. Apparently the Pinwheel was the top dog last year and the captain made a lot of trash talk. Will he be humbled in the season finale or make a big catch? Tune in to find out.  
AJ Garcia
Review by AJ Garcia
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