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Shaun of the Dead

Shaun of the Dead

On DVD: 
Tuesday, December 21, 2004
Running Time: 
99 Minutes

Shaun is stuck in a rut in his life: constantly going to the same pub, handing out with his same slacker pal, working a dead end job, and his girlfriend just left him.  But Shaun is in luck, zombies are taking over and this is a chance for him to prove he is a hero by saving his Mum, his pal, and his girl.

I absolutely love this movie. I was expecting crap; but was extremely surprised to find myself laughing, wait not only laughing, laughing out loud (which is a hard thing for a movie to do). At some point this movie has a romantic quality about it as Shaun suffers heartbreak and attempts to get his girl back. There is also a bit of horror and gore due to the zombies. But this movie is packed with British humor, (which I know isn’t for everyone) but there is also things that will make you laugh if you don’t like British comedy. Bonus features include outtakes, deleted scenes, casting tapes, Simon Pegg’s (Shaun) video diary, special effects comparisons, commentary, zombie trivia, and interview with Coldplay, and much more. If you don’t like British comedy but you like zombie movies I would suggest renting it to give it a shot just don’t expect the typical zombie flick. Truthfully though this movie has just entered my top list, the only reason it didn’t get a higher grade is there are a few slow parts (but not many).

Review by Toby Blake