A Million Ways to Die in the West

While A Million Ways to Die in the West was a decent movie it was just a little bit to immature.  A big part of the jokes throughout the movie are fart, sex, pee, or race jokes.  While a couple of them were funny there were just to many for me to get into it.  The movie also has a couple random cameos including a back to the future reference when and Django Unchained.

The movie follows Albert (Seth McFarlen), a man that is either to smart or to dumb for his own good.  He likes pointing out flaws of the west and how it’s a terrible place to live because there’s a million different ways to die.

The main plot of the movie is that Albert’s girlfriend leaves him because he refuses to take part in a gunfight and really violence all together.  She leaves him for a man named Foy(Neil Patrick Harris).  Albert tries to win her back but falls in love with another women who is married to an Outlaw (Liam Nesson).  The plot is pretty simple and predictable but the movie makes for a decent laugh.

While I wasn’t a fan of so many immature jokes the movie as a whole wasn’t all-bad.  There wasn’t anything that really stood out in terms of being funny just a couple chuckles throughout.

The Blu-ray features a couple bonus features including an alternate opening and ending.  Also there are a few alternate/deleted scenes and a gag reel.  Nothing to special but makes for a decent laugh.

Wayne Stillson
Review by Wayne Stillson
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