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Resurrection (PREVIEW)

“Resurrection” is a new show coming this fall that can be seen on ABC. The show was partially developed and co-produced by Brad Pitt and has a very interesting premise. The show revolves around an Immigration & Customs agent named Matt (Omar Epps) and an 8 year old boy named Jacob (Landon Gimenez ). Jacob is a mysterious boy that wakes up in an unknown body of water in China. Matt is tasked with either handing Jacob over to the adoption agency or trying to locate his family. Jacob manages to lead Matt to his home in Arcadia, Missouri. Upon being reunited with his parents, the situation with Jacob is a lot more complicated than Matt originally thought.

The pilot episode was something totally different and new than any other show that I have seen on TV. The writing was very well done and all the twists and turns had me guessing until the episode’s conclusion. This was the type of show I really had to pay attention to every detail in order for it to make sense. The dialogue and acting were well done and each character was perfectly casted. I also liked the music that helped set the mood, tone, and atmosphere for the episode. My only gripe was the episode’s pacing. It was hectic on some parts, but with a very slow build-up in the beginning. If they can remedy this issue, I think this show has a lot of potential to be very popular and successful.

“Resurrection” was a good mix of drama, sci-fi, and suspense. The storytelling was properly executed and the actors felt so sincere and emotional, but it was never in excess. I do recommend checking out this show and I cannot wait to see what happens in future episodes. The pilot episode made a fan out of me and easily immersed me in the show’s world. For those reasons, I am giving “Resurrection” and their pilot episode an “A-.”

Paul Arca
Review by Paul Arca
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