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Help It's the Hair Bear Bunch: The Complete Series

Help It's the Hair Bear Bunch: The Complete Series

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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Want to have some fun at the Wonderland Zoo? Well, so do the three bears of Wonderland Zoo, Hair Bear (voiced by Daws Butler) the leader, Square Bear (voiced by William Callaway) the bear that's laid back, and Bubi Bear (voiced by Paul Winchell) who is hard to understand. These three bears are always looking for a way out of the zoo or to find a way to get into some fun but every night they have to find a way to get around the zoo director Mr. Peevly (voiced by John Stephenson and his bumbling assistant Lionel Botch (voiced by Joe Ross). Every time the bears are up to something the zoo directors are there to try to stop them but with the help of their zoo friends, the Hair Bear Bunch are able to get away with more than expected.

Here's another of the crazy Hanna Barbera cartoons that uses the same format most cartoons of the 70's and 80's used, the main characters want to have fun and the ones in authority try to stop them. Not sure what this means because when I was a kid I did see this cartoon and I remember it playing out differently. Then when I was a kid I was always rooting for the bears to get away from Mr. Peevly and escape the zoo to have fun. I always thought that it was Mr. Peevly who was trying to be mean by keeping the bears locked up while not having any fun. Now as an adult I see it a little differently. These bears where always breaking out of their exhibits to go on wild tangents around the zoo and though Mr. Peevly is always angry I can understand why after watching the bears play pranks on him. Was he just fed up with having to deal with these bears on a daily basis as they tried to escape and did things to make him look like a fool or was he actually a mean guy out to get the bears?

I'm not one to say what sort of meaning this cartoon is supposed to have when it comes to how bears act or how the zoo authority is supposed to react to those bears, but I did find this cartoon funny. These bears are a brainless fun show to watch as they go around just causing trouble and then getting away with in stupid ways. Though I do question how the Mr. Peevley had problems with bears trying to have fun but thought nothing about locking up talking bears. In fact all the animals talked and yet no one thought hey, these animals talk. Then again it is a cartoon so I guess having three bears that can talk along with other animals is no big deal. Plus there's the "bike" they ride that makes even less sense then talking animals.

There's no real message or meaning being given in this show, at least non that I picked up on. The plots are about the same where the bears do something that Mr. Peevly don't like then they trick him, and in the end they get away with it. There's also that crazy theme song that is quite long, really long compared to openings in modern shows. The one thing I really didn't get, aside from the talking animals, is the hair. The show is called the Hair Bunch Bears yet only one bear has the hair, the other two wear hats. Which also makes me wonder, why did the bears have clothes on? In fact this whole show is just full of stupid questions like that but it don't matter because it's a fun show to watch. It might show bears that like to get in trouble and while portraying the authority as the bad guy, but it's one that made me laugh and it's one that can brighten a bad day for it's stupid humor.

Lee Roberts
Review by Lee Roberts
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