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Tanner: Tanner


Release Date: 
Thursday, June 5, 2014

Tanner, the singer, was one of the harder people I had to find when looking for information about the new EP with the self title of, "Tanner". Wading through the sites talking about tans I was able to discover that Tanner is a Birmingham, AL native and "Tanner" is his debut EP. This singer-songwriter might have made it a tad bit difficult doing a search on him but one thing he has not made difficult is listening to his music. On this self titled EP the music is a alternative rock genre that's got a lot of emotion being put into the lyrics, the vocals, and how the songs are being played. For a debut album Tanner is someone that has a bright future ahead of him in the musical industry.
The reason he has a bright future is because this man has an EP with what has a more natural sound to his music rather than songs that have been put through a sound mixer. I'm sure the use of a sound mixer was used to tweak the levels and other areas of the songs but it's not openly obvious that it was. One of the natural sounds that I hear is in the vocals of Tanner himself. He has a good voice, one that works well with this style of music, even though at times he can get a little high pitched, he has a strong voice. On a few songs his voice has a little waver in them but with the emotion that's being put into the songs and the lyrics, those very few moments only make the songs have a stronger impact.
Along with the vocals the instruments being played on these songs build on my enjoyment of them. One aspect I like is the guitar work being used on this EP. There's a quality to the way it's being played with confidence but it's also played in a subtle manner that allows me to hear the notes even though at times it's a low volume in the background and other times it's taking the center stage of the song."Tanner" is a well played and sung EP that highlights an artist that's actually an artist giving people a part of his personal life through the medium of songs. He has a cheerful tone to his music that sweeps the listener up in the music and will make them just enjoy what they are hearing and quite possibly put them in a more fun and playful mood for their day. For me when I was only half way through with the EP I was already put in a better mood, I was liking the catchy phrases being sung, and the infectious beats were enough to get me to play the EP a few times in a row. Here's to hearing a full album by Tanner, one that maybe has a easy title to find when doing a search on but one that brings more of the upbeat fun music.

Lee Roberts
Review by Lee Roberts
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