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Amelia (BLU-RAY)


On Blu-Ray: 
Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The movie shows Earhart finishing third in the first Santa Monica-to-Cleveland Women's Air Derby in 1929, but does not explain why. At the last stop before the final leg of the race to Cleveland, Earhart and her friend Ruth Nichols were tied for first. Nichols took off right before Earhart, but her aircraft clipped a tractor on the runway and flipped over. Instead of taking off, Earhart ran to Ruth's plane to drag her to safety. After Earhart was sure that Nichols was not seriously hurt, she took off for Cleveland but finished third largely due to her delayed takeoff. ~IMDB

Based on a half and half formula of Earhart’s marriage to George Putnam and her successes as the first female aviator, Amelia offers up a drab, almost one dimensional approach at giving Earhart’s story a touch of personality and historical significance. History buffs will more then likely eat this feature up while viewers looking to be entertained with the thrills and chills of Hollywood cinema will probably be let down.

I found the color and sharpness of the picture inconsistent. The opening sequences seemed a bit drab, the colors soft, detail flat. I was worried the entire film would view like this but oddly enough interior scenes and exterior night scenes come in sharp, detailed, and vibrant. The balance between off and spot on lean more towards the picture showing up very detailed and vibrant but I have to wonder why more care was not put into making the entire film fluid in quality. Sound (DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1) is fantastic. Planes seem to soar across the living room but the film doesn’t really utilize the effect as much as I would have liked.

*Deleted Scenes
*Making Amelia, The Power of Amelia Earhart, The Plane Behind the Legend, Re-constructing the Planes of Amelia
*Movietone News Reels:
-Mrs. Putnam Flies The Atlantic Again - This Time Alone
-Amelia Earhart Flies Over The U.S. In 17 Hours
-Miss Earhart Flies From Hawaii To U.S. To Win Solo Crown
Aviation (Introducing the Elektra) ~ Aviation (Amelia Testing Her Plane)
Names In The News: Amelia Earhart ~ Race To Rescue Amelia Earhart
*Digital Copy of Amelia For Portable Media Players

AJ Garcia
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