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By Lee Roberts

Marvel + Sony = Spiderman and How Variants Killed the Collector

So if you haven't heard by this point, Marvel and Sony have worked out a deal to allow Spider-Man to be used in both franchises. What does that really mean? Hmm, right now it's still very early in the deal but what I know so far is this.
1) Sony still owns the rights to any live action Spider-Man movies.
2) Sony still gets final creative control on the films with Spider-Man
3) Andrew Garfield is out as Peter Parker/Spider-Man
4) Spider-Man can now be used in Marvel produced movies.
What does that fourth bit of knowledge entail for our webbed friend? I'm wondering about that myself and like a lot of fans out there that could mean for some exciting Spider-Man movies. I'm not sure if they will add Spidey to the Captain America 3 movie being called "Civil War" but it's possible if they follow along with the comic. In that comic Spidey did something that was one of the big moments of the book, which there are a few, the end one being the one that really centers on Captain America, but Spidey is in it a lot. That could mean that Spidey could at least be in the background of the movie, maybe make a cameo, or play a bigger bit in it. It also means that if Marvel does end up doing a Secret Wars movie then they can have Spidey be in it, as well as being in Avengers 3. It's all very exciting and I can't wait to learn more on it.
With the anticipated release of Spider-Gwen #1 on Feb 25 (that's 2 weeks from now), there are now at least 24 covers for the book. When preorders where first happening I knew of 7 covers that was existing, then that quickly jumped to 11, then before I could finish putting in another preorder that number went to 22. Today, when I was going to look for some images to add to this blog, that number was changed to 24. So, if you are like me, a big fan of Gwen Stacy, and want to get the variants, then you better be rich and/or lucky. I've talked to one comic shop here and he pretty much told me I won't be getting the Adam Hughes variant, (which of course is the one I want the most actually and this was before I found out that it was going to be hard to get, Hughes does an excellent art on Gwen), but now there are ones that I know 100% I won't get unless they go up on ebay and I am willing to spend a lot of money for. 
I get it, I understand the whole marketing deal with the variants, I understand it brings in money for the publishers becuase for some they have to order 3000 copies of the regular to get one, but as a collector, and a collector that's not rich, I can't afford to get these covers. I want to have the Adam Hughes cover but if I have to spend $100 or more on it, then I won't get it, and if I do then that means for the next 2 to 3 weeks I can't get my regular comics. That also means I can't get the other variants. As I've said in another blog, collecting comics is becoming for the shops/dealers instead of the consumer. It's getting me fed up and annoyed enough that I am cutting out titles. Yes I will get the variants that I can, of Spider-Gwen because it's Gwen Stacy, but Silk, sorry you're only allowed the one regular cover, and as for other books, like Guardians of the Galaxy, Batman titles, Green Lanterns, Star Lord, Rocket Raccoon, New Avengers, Avengers, Secret Avengers, well ok let me just say it an easier way cause the list of ones I'm now cutting out, the ones I will no longer buy cause I have to recoup from one variant, are all titles except for Amazing Spider-Man, Spider-Gwen, Silk, and Walking Dead. 
So sorry Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, and all others, you have done your job and broke me, I can't afford to do what I love, collect comics. As the ones that will now be worth collecting, the ones that will have better chance to be collector’s item, are the ones I can't afford and get. The ones I can, well, if you want to know what happens to all those regular covers and regular issues, go to a con, they are in the box titled, "All Current Issues DC, Marvel $1". Hmm, yeah a buck each beats spending $4-5 on books that end up being worth only a dollar very quickly after. And yes I mean quick, I've already found issues #11 and 12 of Amazing Spider-Man in the discount box for $2 and issue #14 came out this week.