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Lost Girl (PREVIEW)

Lost Girl

Regular Air Date: 
Mondays @ 10/9C
Air Date: 
Sunday, September 12, 2010
On DVD: 
Tuesday, October 23, 2012
On Blu-Ray: 
Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I can always count on SyFy to deliver science fiction shows that are modern and edgy without trying too hard, and Lost Girl is no exception.

Anna Silk stars as Bo, a real-life succubus (more formally known as Fae) who has no idea what she is until the Fae police (of sorts) get a hold of her and put her to the test, literally. She is thrown into the ring to fight two Fae to the death; if she survives, she gets the privilege of choosing to go with the Light or Dark Fae. By making it through the battle and choosing neither, she sets herself up for an uphill battle to understand the life she's missed out on -- until now. She's looked after from a distance by Dyson, a police officer that can actually kiss Bo without dying (a real feat indeed). Bo also has her roommate and best friend by default, Kenzi, to watch her back. Though Bo's spent her whole life running, it may be time for her to start putting roots down with the Fae, even if she stays a Fae free agent.

Silk conjures up the perfect mix of confident and damaged, all while maintaining a toughness that sees her through this new mystery society. Solo is just right as Kenzi, who, despite being a little frazzled and aimless, always comes through in a pinch, with humor to boot. Holden-Ried and Silk have pretty stellar chemistry, even for a character who has intense sexual energy with everyone she meets.

The first episode serves to set up Bo's independent Fae status and briefly touches on the problems she will face because of it; it also tells the unfortunate incident that led to Kenzi and Bo teaming up. The second episode delves deeper into the politics of the Fae world, a culture as complex and nuanced as the human one.

Great casting, entertaining material, and a charming cast has made sure Lost Girl works its way into my personal weekly TV rotation.


Review by Patty Miranda